We all run across people that complain about being broke but none of those people grab hold to the opportunities that’s being given to them. I have posted plenty of ways to make extra money from home but I guess people love to be broke. Yes these opportunities wont put you in your dream house over night and of course they will not pay for that $100,000 car that you someday wish to have but they indeed can help you pay small bills and even pay your rent. Here is the thing that kills me, people would rather on social networking sites that doesn’t do anything for them like Facebook, Twitter, Tagged, and so far and so on.  Well Lets try to change that, I’m on a dating site that pays me every time , i refer someone to the site through my link and the best part is, its free for everyone. You only pay if you want to upgrade your page, but people are trying to make money and not date.  I get paid $2.00 per woman and $1.00 per man that opts in with a name and valid e-mail address . By referring  100 women  i made $200.00. Hell most people work 8 hours a day and don’t ‘receive $200.00.  It can be done, especially if you have well over 100 female friends on every social networking website that you are on. All they have to do is sign up, and confirm the e-mail that’s sent to them. It would seem better if they visit the site at least 2 or 3 times out of a week   So if you are tired of sitting around and not having any money to pay your bills , if so then simply click on the Start button at the bottom and lets make this money .






Dont be depressed because you are unemployed. There are ways to make money without spending a day

As many of us know from our own experiences, job hunting can be a gruelling process. The current economic climate has left many of us unemployed and desperately seeking work. Well I have another  exciting way to make a few extra dollars from home without spending a single dime unless you want to.   I spent most of my morning doing research and reading reviews about several different online companies. I must admit, I did learn about a lot of scam companies as well as legit ones. Of course you already know that I will not post any scam companies. well Today, I’m going to talk about a legit company that I  just discovered.   The name is dating FF. this affiliate program is a dating site that’s wonderful to be in.   It’s free to join and you only pay if you would like to upgrade. This program pays $2.00 for each woman and $1.00 for each man  that opts in with a valid name and e-mail address .  I know $2.00 doesn’t sound like much but look at it like this, what if 500 women sign up for free , you will pocket $1,000 for little or no work, of course  you will have to fill out a W-9 form  and you are responsible for paying your own taxes.  The sign up process is so easy,  just like any other site, you have to complete the registration form then verify the e-mail that will be sent to you, then finish your registration by completing your profile and that’s it. They pay you 2 times a month . So if you are interested in doing this , just simply  click on the start button at the bottom and get started . for all the women that wants to join, please send me a message on Facebook first , my name on there is Moerice Noel Brown . If you have any questions leave a comment

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Dont be afraid to help others. All it takes is 5 minutes of your time

Day 3 , 3rd post


Hello everyone,  This post is to remind others that its a good thing to help others and that’s how we get our blessings from the man up above. I know we all be  focused on doing things to support our selves and our families that we sometime forget to help our brother and sisters out in their time of need. Well this post is a reminder of that, there’s a group of people called ( A Heart That Shares ) They are doing a wonderful thing for teens that aren’t related to them. The group is founded by 16 year old Deborah  Hawkins . All They ask is for 7000 women  and men  visit the site, sincerely read it with an open mind, then  help them out by signing up and passing  it around on every social network. It doesn’t  require any money to help out . To go to the actual site, just click on the Banner ( Picture ) at the bottom. Thank you all for taking the time out to read this and may God bless .


Legit Ways To Make Money Online without spending a dime out of your pocket

Hello Everyone ,  I know there is a lot of talk going around about Internet marketing and if there are ways to make real money online? Well I say Yes.  You can make real money online and I have took the time and researched a lot of companies and I have found a large number of legit companies that actually pays good money to people that’s going through hard times with finding  regular jobs. These companies aren’t going to get you rich over night, so even if you think that is possible, then please stop thinking that because there is no company online that can perform that kind of magic.  The first one that I’m going to share is a site called friend finder. This  site is free to join and doesn’t cost anything for you to make money.  Not only can you meet new people from around the world but you can also get paid for referring others  under your link to sign up for free. Yes you only get paid $2.00 per every woman and $1.00 for every man that opt in under you . Now don’t let the $2.00 discourage you from joining this money making site.  Lets say 500 women sign up,        ( and its very possible) you just pocketed $1,000 for a little to no work. The best part about it is, you don’t have to frustrate your family and friends about signing up and using their money in order for you to make money and the amount of people that you can refer is totally unlimited. So if you are ready to make some extra click on the picture  and be on your way to making money.


If you are using a mobile device, be sure to that when you click on the picture  and the friend finder  site appears, stroll all the way to the bottom and click on full site .


I will be posting more legit Sites soon